Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Should the BBC focus more on Jazz?

SESSION: Should the BBC focus more on Jazz?

Convener(s): PETER IND

Participants: Chris Chijiutami, George Foster, Dorian Ford, Peter ?, Will Rodway, Bev Orton

Summary of discussion, conclusions and/or recommendations:

  • France has 6 Jazz radio Jazz stations – where are ours?
  • BBC has cut specialist programmes mainly because of lack of finances. (We won’t mention the huge salaries paid to some celebrities!)
  • Jazz is not ‘establishment’
  • There is a general decline in our culture and Jazz is a part of this.
  • Should we join with other specialist forms of Jazz to present a larger group to the BBC? E.g. Folk But this would dilute the uniqueness of Jazz
  • Jazz FM is online and has improved, but this excludes older jazz aficionados who are not computer literate. The UK culture today is moving towards all online listening/watching – Youtube, Spotify etc.
  • There needs to be balance in music programming but Jazz doesn’t bring in the numbers.
  • Is the BBC guilty of institutional ignorance towards Jazz?
  • The venues for Jazz are not ‘corporate friendly’ - not grand or luxurious enough for entertaining clients, and so good jazz is not being spread.
  • Peter felt that Jazz rubs some people up the wrong way!
  • The aim for the Jazz fraternity is to look outward and not be elitist.
  • We need to expand the interest in Jazz before the BBC will show it.
  • Jazz appreciation can be expanded by snatches of music in adverts, plays etc.
  • BBC Radio 4 is now requesting feedback about programming. We should take part in this online and request more Jazz. (Ken Clarke’s programme last week was excellent – Bev)
  • We want the BBC to WANT to broadcast JAZZ
  • The world around us is changing – the Jazz fraternity is perceived by the BBC as ‘moaning’!
  • Smaller Jazz clubs are just as important to spreading the wonderful music as large events – sometimes the audience collectively is larger.
  • Jazz programmes could try to get sponsorship and this should be mentioned in the televised/radio shows.

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