Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Is Jazz Music threatened by the fusion of R&B and Hip Hop Music becoming Mainstream?

SESSION: Is Jazz Music threatened by the fusion of R&B and Hip Hop Music becoming Mainstream?


Participants: Chris- Prog Jazz –Scottish Jazz Federation.

Summary of discussion, conclusions and/or recommendations:

Jazz was a big music movement called Swing then; and as big as Pop music today.

The Blues music, Jazz, Rock and Roll, Soul, Rap, Hip Hop then R&B as we know it now, all incorporate Jazz elements because they have the same root: Black struggle endured by the Slaves when they were taken away from Africa.

Jazz music must have an element of rhythmic sessions and improvisation to qualify, and all of the music above have this 2 elements to a different degree; recognizable to the trained ear, but not to the young consuming public who listens to R&B and Hip Hop music.

Jazz Music has not disappeared. It is in all music today although it has been re-branded, or sub-divided a few time to make it more accessible:
-Acid Jazz

-Soul Jazz

-Prog Jazz

-Nu Jazz

-Jazz Funk

-Smooth Jazz

-R&B Soul


Today’s Jazz can be enjoyed through artist such as Jamie Callum, Michael Bubble, and unknown struggling jazz live acts.

Although Jazz is a still a big music genre today, unfortunately, we are not able to identify it as we used to in the Swinging sixties.

On the one hand, it has evolved to become a part of everything, including Music that we cannot necessary identify or put under a specific genre.

On the other, artists who want to stick to making pure/undiluted Jazz Music are finding it difficult to share their passion and be listened to.

I think, young people should be taught that the music they listen to today on the radio, comes in most part from Jazz Music, before it becomes confined to a sad little man/woman reminiscing in the corner of a little seeding café.

Annick Adjo.


Because Jazz used both the people’s emotions and technical side of the brain, it is called intelligent music

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