Tuesday, 22 November 2011

How can we increase the audience for jazz?

SESSION: How can we increase the audience for jazz?

Russell Occomore

Russell, Rosie, Charles, Brian, Mao, Val, Peter, Geoff

Summary of discussion, conclusions and/or recommendations:

Try to get younger people in to venues

Venuses need to break the stereotype – they often appear too stuffy, don’t encourage young people, don’t encourage women.

Lack of imagination of promoters, tend to put on safe bands whoch conform to the stereo types of jazz bands. This leads to audiences made up predominately of older fans.

Try to subsidise ticket prices.

Change the atmosphere of jazz clubs and venues. Clubs are often perceived as informal and fun while concert halls are often seen as stuffy and formal.

Jazz is still perceived as being elitist.

Venues to be more welcoming.

Increase general exposure to jazz through media.

Derby Jazz did a survey of its audiences. Survey shows that 15% of attendees are hardened “core” jazz fans and will always attend gigs. 85% attend other types of music too and are harder to get to commit to jazz. (www.derby-jazz.co.uk

Combating the negative images that go along with the word jazz. Jazz personalities should flourish so that we don’t need to describe the music as jazz all the time.

Might be useful to map ticket sales in an area and take a look at price point of ticketing.

Better communications about the music. Improve information and marketing tactics.

Easier to get audiences in London compared to the regions.

Find gaps in the market.

Approach promoting in an holistic manner – its not just the music but the whole experience of the venue as well and how the music is presented.

The music and the musicians need to be shown to be authentic. Can we learn from other disciplines?

JS are about to publish an audience development guide!!

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