Friday, 25 November 2011

Is there enough money in Jazz? Why is that? Can we create a commercial status for the UK Jazz Industry?

SESSION: Is there enough money in Jazz? Why is that? Can we create a commercial status for the UK Jazz Industry?

Convener(s): Dorian Ford, Chrys Chijiutomi

Participants: Peter Slavid, Tabitha Timothy, Sue, Mike Gordon, John Blandford, George Foster, Peter Ind

Summary of discussion, conclusions and/or recommendations:

Commercial – not to be arts council based.

Arts council is money applied to transient things i.e. tours etc. as opposed to long term projects i.e. German radio stations funding big bands which go on to tour and make CDs etc.
What about BBC big band? Do they tour and make CDs?

Is the Jazz industry cohesive enough?
No, we don’t speak with one voice. Because of that it is unlikely to get much public funding.

Jazz organizations need to come together i.e. a federation.

Use arts council funding to seed core commercial ventures

Jazz is a word the audience don’t understand. Therefore audiences need ‘work’!

Where is the connection between public/private resources?

What about marketing a subscription series of concerts – possibly to sell to large companies.

Fan funding a way of funding a recording (USA)

A survey of voluntary clubs/musicians (i.e. 150 hours/week for nothing vs size of audiences) i.e. how much are this size audience getting for nothing?

How can the jazz community have the ear of arts council members/arts ministers? (members of the governing elite are more familiar with and likely to attend classical/opera than jazz – why? – when/how will this change?)

The jazz community/industry has no direct contact/influence with the establishment (with the possible exception of one company)

BPI AIM – we need to get inside these establishments

Issues about how public funding is used/obtained.

Issues about England being a very old establishment society with secret societies and old school tie networks etc.

Finding relationships with big money institutions i.e. investment banks etc.

Lobby BBC list of trustees and APPJAG.

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