Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Gender equality in jazz

SESSION: Gender equality in jazz

Convener(s): Rosie Hanley

Participants: Mau/Paul/Russell

Summary of discussion, conclusions and/or recommendations:

Why are there so few prominent female jazz musicians? …
Are there less women in jazz?
Female instrumentalists small minority – due to education/stereotypes/family & social responsibilities?
Image – more or less important as a woman?

There is some resistance from men in jazz –
Positive discrimination a good thing or bad? Eg All girl big bands? Should a musician be booked on merit or on gender?

Jazz history and tradition male dominated – is this just filtering through?

Whose responsibility is it to change the inequality….musicians of prominence/ promoters/ those in power/ teachers

Are there enough female role models?

Does a venue need public funding to ensure diversity….why can’t they ensure diversity without the funding?

But venues need to be successful

There are some people talking about gender in jazz – but why aren’t more…is it a difficult subject to discuss…?

Should we include discussions about race, sexuality, age in discussions about gender?

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